Industrial Rolling Shutters

S77 Steel Faced Insulated Industrial Roller Shutter

Curtain Profile Specification.
S77 is a double skin profile, roll-formed from a single pre-coloured steel section with a hot injection polyurethane central core which bonds to the internal face of the section giving additional strength and rigidity.
The S77 profile has a short throw reinforced quirk which interlocks each section along its length forming a continuous hinge to create the shutter curtain. Heavy duty slat end-locks are pop riveted along the edge of the curtain ensuring the shutter runs smoothly and squarely in the guide channels.
A reinforced carrier strip connects the 20mm deep bottom seal to the base rail, eliminating draughts, dust and dirt ingress and prevents the passage of insects and small rodents under the closed door.

Note: Doors exceeding 5000mm opening width incorporate an additional reinforcing angle to the bottom rail.

Optional reinforced wind-lock anchors ensure the S77 continues to perform up to 1250 Pascals, required for Class 5 wind loading tests.

Guide Channel & Head Plate Specification.
The guide channel sections are roll-formed 3mm two part galvanised steel, complete with wind-lock recess and neoprene brush seals internally and externally.
Optional wind-locks become standard fitment on shutters over 5500mm opening width. On applications within extreme weather areas, wind-locks may be required depending on level of exposure to wind direction.

The S77 Head plates are 5mm thickness galvanised steel and range from 400mm x 400mm up to 500mm x 500mm depending on overall height of door.

Technical Data:
The S77 steel shutter has been independantly tested and certified to withstand a CLASS 5 wind loading at 7000mm wide.
Its roll-formed insulated steel profile section has been thermally assessed to a "U" value of 1.37 W/M.K and an assembled curtain weight of 12Kg Per Sq/Mtr.

Maximum door dimensions should not exceed 35sqm and with an opening height restriction of 6000mm.

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